DeeperCards Designers

DeeperCards supports a wide variety of artists to get their artwork (and their stories, thoughts and images about what is most meaningful to them) ‘out there’ in the form of beautiful A6 greetings cards. The first print run of this nature took place in June 2018, and there have been between one and three large print-runs every month since! A few of the artists can be seen below – click on their page to read a little of their story and see some of their artwork, and to purchase their greetings cards. The next print run will take place soon, so do let me know if you would like to participate, or find out more Here.

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Miriam Goldby

After originally developing my painting skills in watercolour, I discovered the joy of using oils. Since then I have also used acrylics, primarily because they dry faster than oils! I begun painting prophetically in 2006 when I was woken up in the middle of the night by Father God with the beginnings of a picture,… Continue reading Miriam Goldby

Hannah Kirk

I’m a keen writer, photographer and prophetic artist based in Berkshire, England. I attend a local Baptist church and love listening to people. I work part-time and have two beautiful daughters and wonderful husband. I have a heart for broken people and people on the margins, mainly, perhaps, because I am one. Head on over… Continue reading Hannah Kirk

Mary Pearce

Mary is a linguist who loves to paint in her spare time. She belongs to an artistic family, and she has always enjoyed drawing cartoons and designing cross stitch, but she only took up painting 4 years ago when she was given some oil paints. She now uses mostly acrylics. Her enthusiasm increased after attending a Prophetic art… Continue reading Mary Pearce

Kat Gibson

Hi! I’m Kat. I’m a Yorkshire lass living in Gloucestershire with my wonderful husband Ben. As well as painting, writing, making jewellery and going on countryside walks, I love to support artists and creatives to explore new ways of getting their work ‘out there’ and expressing what is most meaningful to them. See more of… Continue reading Kat Gibson