Jewellery Workshops

New for 2020 is an opportunity to join in one of our jewellery workshops, and design and create your own stylish jewellery out of a wide range of colours and shapes! I have not offered these workshops before now because the materials I use are unique and no longer produced – they cannot be bought in craft shops or online any more, so I am working with a finite supply. But for a limited time – only for January to June 2020 – I hope to share the creative process with those who would like to join in. Will you come and create individual and beautiful jewellery with me?


Spaces on each of the jewellery making workshops is limited to 5, so it’s best to book fast to ensure your place!

These sessions help participants to explore what is most meaningful to them, and to express those things in the colours and shapes used to make the jewellery. Have a look at to see some examples of this in practice! Similarly, if participants hope to make these pieces of jewellery for somebody, they will be encouraged to think about what they love about that person (or those people), and then to express those values through the colours and shapes used. Because true beauty goes deeper – this is not simply about having some quirky and colourful jewellery, but about expressing deeper meaning and beautiful truth; encouraging people in what their gifts and strengths are; exploring what is most important in life to each one of us.

Get in touch to find out the date of the next workshop, or to organise one with some friends!

The cost is a mere £15 each, or you can book with a friend for just £25 (£12.50 each)! Each participant will leave with three items of their own personally handmade jewellery, in their chosen colours, shapes and designs. All materials are provided, including hypoallergenic surgical steel earring hooks and stud posts, 16″ sterling silver snake chains (with extension-chains if desired), and brooch pins – and even stylish gift boxes.

Shortly after booking you’ll receive a welcome email from me with directions to the venue. Looking forward to seeing you!

If you’d like to book your own group session (3-12 people) in a location of your choice, click here! Ideal for parties, celebrations, or just something fun to do with friends.

‘Friendly Plastic’ is an eco-friendly biodegradable plastic (Polycaprolactone) with a shiny metal topping. It comes in strips and it cut into smaller shapes, which are melted in the oven and moulded while molten. The pieces are bright, colourful, very shiny and eye-catching – they certainly turn heads! I look forward to sharing it with you.

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