Painting Workshops

Would you love to explore acrylic paints in an unthreatening environment, and to learn new ways of painting but without committing to the full painting course? Then you’ve come to the right place!

These one-off sessions will be held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, 2-4pm, here in Barnwood, Gloucester (the specific location will be sent in an email when you book your place). The sessions are very relaxed but will be guided, and all materials will be provided. Do feel free to bring your own materials if you prefer – but you are more than welcome to use mine.

No two paintings will be the same – each participant will do the sorts of pictures that they would like to produce, with help and guidance from me along the way. We will experiment and learn various styles, trying out different shapes and colours together and blending colours in ways that you find exhilarating, so that each participant will become an artist in their own right and begin to develop something of their own style, to convey something of what is most meaningful in their lives. We will follow our imaginations, dream, and learn to go wherever the paint and brush may lead; we will explore and express themes that are important; and most of all we will have a good time. Art is not just about making a mess and creating something pretty, but about making sense of the world; conveying purpose; causing viewers to feel things. Painting is an outlet, a therapy, a tool – not just a hobby.

£80 Life, acrylic on 30x40cm canvas.JPG

About the Tutor

Sunday 19th January:  Textured effects with mixed media.  

Saturday 25th January: 5 Flat Brush techniques.

Saturday 8th February: Reflections & water techniques.  

Sunday 16th February: Light and Dark.

Sunday 15th March: Varied ways of portraying Sunlight.

Saturday 21st March: Human shapes.

Saturday 18th April:  Animal and plant shapes.  

Sunday 26th April: Blending colours and shades for layers and perspective. 

Sunday 17th May: Creating Feelings with Colour.

Saturday 23rd May: Following the Feel of the Painting.

Sunday 14th June:  Textured effects with varied brush techniques. 

Saturday 20th June: Abstract and Bold Shapes.

Shortly after you book your place, I’ll email you with your welcome letter and the location of the workshop (in Barnwood, Gloucester). Looking forward to seeing you!

£80 Seagull View, oil on wooden board, framed

If you have a group of 3+ people who would like to do any of these sessions as a private group (even in your own house or venue if desired!), why not book a Painting Party


Also available in 2020

Water Techniques. Stream or Beach piece (personal choice).

Glass techniques. Wine/Champagne glass or Vase piece.

Using Black Pen over a Painting. Village Scene piece.

Clouds – various Textures & Methods. Sea & Sky piece.

Attention to Detail – Foreground vs Background & different Brush Techniques.

Skin – People (arms & legs shading). Piece involving People.

Abstract & Bold Shapes, Lines, Shading with No Obligations. Abstract piece.

Any of the above sessions are available on request for a date of your choice if you have a group of 3+ people who would like to participate!

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£65 Washed Ashore, acrylic on 30x40cm canvas