Cliffs and Waves

Have you ever read the Moomin books by Tove Janssen? I thoroughly recommend them. They are written in a refreshingly simple and childlike manner but grapple with many of the huge issues that we may face in life. One of the later books, which I believe is all about grief, involves the Moomin family moving… Continue reading Cliffs and Waves


One viewer commented that this painting reminded him of Fishguard on the West coast of Wales, and another mentioned that this style of boat is commonly seen in the Norfolk Broads. This is, in my mind, a quintessentially English picture, though perhaps it could be anywhere. The lake reflects the sky in its cloud-sprinked blue,… Continue reading Sailing

Reflected Islands

This is a fairly simple painting of two islands and an orange sunset reflected in the water, with a row of pale blue hills in the horizon. In many parts of the world islands like these would have myths and legends associated with them – such as giants falling and laying to rest in the… Continue reading Reflected Islands


This painting was inspired by one of my brother-in-law’s photographs. I painted it in a garden in Lydney, while on a weekend away with friends. We were staying at a Country House with absolutely beautiful grounds, and it was a very relaxing time. The simple act of coming away from normal life for a weekend,… Continue reading Stillness

Silent Night

One of my favourite songs is Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader. I remember one evening when Ben and I were engaged and we had an argument (at the time we were often arguing over fairly trivial things), and after Ben had left the room I knew I needed to go for a short walk… Continue reading Silent Night

Winter Sunset

Sometimes we need something plain and simple, bright yet uncomplicated in our lives. The people, too, who fit this description are wonderfully refreshing to be around – those skilled and intelligent individuals who simply get on with life without a complaint; who get things done and are helpful to others without expecting anything in return;… Continue reading Winter Sunset

Red Wine

Red wine is symbolic of so many good things. Friendship. Weekends. The ‘high life’. Relaxation. Even blood in the Christian tradition – leading to forgiveness and healing. No words can describe the feeling that accompanies the first sip of red wine after a long day – and these colours don’t do it justice. Red wine,… Continue reading Red Wine

Dancing at Dawn

At social dances (‘Milongas’, as Tango dancers call them), dances come in sets of three or four, followed by a short break in which many people will choose to change partners. At the end of the first dance if one dancer has not enjoyed the dance they could make some excuse and leave their partner,… Continue reading Dancing at Dawn

Purple Lake

It’s one of the most wonderful and lovely mysteries when one is looking out across a lake or the sea and cannot quite see where the water ends and sky begins. Even when it is obvious by guessing because of surrounding land or plants, the absence of a clear ‘dividing line’ is something I find… Continue reading Purple Lake

Ullenwood at Dusk

Most days my husband takes the car to work; but there are some days when I need to use the car – and on those days Ben cycles (which takes almost an hour each way) or occasionally I arrange to drop him off and pick him up. When I drop him off, since he starts… Continue reading Ullenwood at Dusk


There is beauty in the chaotic mess of life – all the jagged shapes and smooth curves compliment one another and add to the work of art that makes up our lives. In life there are times of bright bold colour and times of pale pastel shades; times of recognisable beauty and times of apparent… Continue reading Life

Tango Legs

I must ask forgiveness from any Tango dancers out there – the ‘Gancho’ (or hook) depicted here is an impossible (or at the very least incorrect) move. This did not occur to me as I was painting it, but as soon as I finished I realised my error: the woman is not led to Gancho… Continue reading Tango Legs

Harp Player

Playing the harp is something that in the back of my mind I always longed to do. I remember when I was seven or eight years old listening to a woman play the harp and then afterwards touching it and plucking a few strings myself. I’m not even certain that it is a real memory… Continue reading Harp Player


Was there a moment, for you? One single moment when you first realised that you had gone and ‘fallen in love’? A moment in which the mind is full of light and colour and thoughts seem to whizz around so quickly that they are all a blur and you wonder whether anything makes sense any… Continue reading Romance


Few things are as sturdy as the great elephant. We hear all sorts of stories about elephants’ compassion, intelligence and loyalty – there are a hundred things that we could learn from them. This painting is a symbol of ‘plodding on’ – when life and the world tempt us to give up, for the sake… Continue reading Elephant

Blue Orchid

Few plants are as classy and chic as the orchid. I remember being told as a teenager that if a man were to buy me an orchid then he would always treat me with dignity and respect. What a symbol, not only of the sophisticated life but also of delicate beauty and childlike happiness. It… Continue reading Blue Orchid