School Of Acrylic Painting

Welcome! The SOAP course is made up of twelve 90-minute sessions (monthly on Fridays), covering a wide range of techniques for painting with acrylics. There are just four participants in each class plus one teacher (yours truly: Kat Gibson), to allow for personal guidance and tips, and so that the teaching can be tailored to what each participant wants to learn or is skilled at within the structure of each session. No experience necessary, and all equipment is provided.

In every session, each participant will produce a painting in which they will practice the techniques and tools covered in the session. No two paintings will be the same: each participant will do the sorts of pictures that they would like to produce, with help and guidance from me along the way. I will teach them to experiment and learn various styles, to try out different shapes and colours together, to blend colours in ways that they find exhilarating, so that each student will become an artist in their own right and begin to develop something of their own style, to convey something of what is most meaningful in their lives. I will train the students to follow their imaginations, to dream, to go wherever the paint and brush may lead, and to explore or express themes that are important to them. Art is not just about making a mess and creating something pretty, but about making sense of the world; conveying purpose; causing viewers to feel things. Painting is an outlet, a therapy, a tool – not just a hobby.

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When you arrive for the first session you’ll receive a Welcome Pack which consists of the three most useful brushes in acrylic painting; an A4 Sketchbook containing 40 sheets of artist paper to practice in; a Mastery Checklist (since it’s always satisfying to tick a box once we’ve learnt or achieved something!); a Boldmere Tear-Off Palette, a pencil and a personal set of Boldmere acrylic paints. This equipment, as well as being used in class, can be taken home and used outside the sessions – and while in class participants will also have access to a more extensive supply of paints, canvasses and the like.

After each session each participant will be given a code to access a detailed recap of what we learnt in that session, through this website. Tailored support and personal tuition is provided – I will ensure that each technique is mastered to some extent before teaching the next one, and will provide direct attention, tips and practical help as each person masters each technique. Light refreshments are provided at each session, too.


What’s more, all participants will have opportunity to display and/or sell their paintings through both the Gallery and through their own personal page on the Meaningful-Art website, should they wish to do so. Find out more HERE

After six sessions each student will receive a reward consisting of four 30x40cm stretched canvasses and a set of ten new brushes in a variety of sizes.

After 12 sessions each student will graduate SOAP Level 1, having learnt a number of useful techniques, styles and tools for painting with acrylics. At this point each student will receive a badge, certificate and reward consisting of a 40x50cm canvas, three 30x40cm canvasses, a choice between a new set of brushes or a new artist sketchbook, some scented soap (to clean brushes, skin and clothing when practicing at home), and a complete set of professional artist paints. If participants would like to, we can hold a group exhibition displaying some of the work they have produced in the sessions, and have a little celebration.

(After this point, participants will have opportunity to embark on SOAP Level 2, the next 12-session course, the curriculum for which can be found Here. On entering Level 2 the participants will receive a Canvas Pad, an artist pen, new brushes if desired, and 10 Artist Mounts which will be used throughout the course as artwork is produced. …The Curriculum for SOAP Level 3 is yet to be written and will depend largely on the progress and preferences of the group at the time, but may include canvas stretching, use of water, varnishes/finishing, marketing etc if desired.)

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£55 Lost in the Waves, acrylic on 30x40cm canvas with mixed media.JPG

I am a self-taught artist and will be teaching techniques and methods based on what I have picked up from my own years’ worth of experience, not from any other curriculum from any big organisation.

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