What’s On

Upcoming events, workshops and sessions for the rest of 2019 are now fully booked! However, if you’d like something specific for your group or a 1-1 session for yourself, do get in touch and we may be able to find a date this year or early 2020. Or, join in with one of the below!

Shortly after you book your place, I’ll email you with your welcome letter and the location, etc. Looking forward to seeing you!

If you have a group of 3+ people who would like to do any of these sessions as a private group (even in your own house or venue if desired!), why not book a Painting Party


Also available in 2020

Water Techniques. Stream or Beach piece (personal choice).

Glass techniques. Wine/Champagne glass or Vase piece.

Using Black Pen over a Painting. Village Scene piece.

Clouds – various Textures & Methods. Sea & Sky piece.

Attention to Detail – Foreground vs Background & different Brush Techniques.

Skin – People (arms & legs shading). Piece involving People.

Abstract & Bold Shapes, Lines, Shading with No Obligations. Abstract piece.

Any of the above sessions are available on request for a date of your choice if you have a group of 3+ people who would like to participate!

Come and join us!

£60 Red Wine, acrylic on 24x30cm canvas .jpg

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.