Writers’ Retreats

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. Will you join me on one of the upcoming Writers’ Retreat Days? I’d love to journey with you. There are three different types of retreat days on offer:

Escape and Write

10am – 4:30pm. Three hours of tips, tools and techniques for creative writing – this can be tailored to a certain extent depending on the participants’ interests and needs – and three hours just for participants to get on with their writing, since they’ve made time to come away and write!

Writers’ Toolkit

10am – 4pm. Five hours of tips, tools and techniques – including various exercises for getting the creative juices flowing, for pushing through Writers’ Block, and for more detailed project planning – and then an hour at the end just to get on with some writing!

Self-Publishing Day

10am – 4:30pm. Supporting participants in the final stages of their self-publishing journey, from formatting a manuscript to cover design to finally publishing the book through Amazon, and creating a plan for marketing and going forward!

See below for more information and to book your place.

Escape and Write!

Calling all writers! Do you ever find that the demands of life leave little room for getting on with your writing? Come and join our writers’ day-retreat – build your writers’ toolkit, and make space to come away and let the words flow! Share a little of who you are with a friendly group of… Continue reading Escape and Write!

Writers’ Toolkit

A day of practical tools, mutual support and shared learning, ending with an hour to get on with your writing in a peaceful environment! As well as a range of useful exercises to help you keep writing with inspiration (even in those times when your mind feels like a desert), we’ll make space to think… Continue reading Writers’ Toolkit

Self-Publishing Day

Are you a writer that could do with a little support with the publishing process? Let’s work together to turn your manuscript into a book! In this day-retreat we’ll walk through all the steps from formatting your work to actually publishing it through Amazon and creating a marketing plan! 10am – 4:30pm, lunch provided, and… Continue reading Self-Publishing Day