Escape and Write!

Calling all writers! Do you ever find that the demands of life leave little room for getting on with your writing? Come and join our writers’ day-retreat – build your writers’ toolkit, and make space to come away and let the words flow! Share a little of who you are with a friendly group of like-minded creatives, each with something powerful and beautiful to offer to one another and to the world.

Three hours of tips, tools and techniques for creative writing – this can be tailored to suit participants’ interests and needs – and three hours just to get on with your writing!

Share your story with a small group of 3-4 other writers, supporting each other to express what’s most meaningful, and share challenges, tips and techniques along the way. Alongside a few exercises to keep up your sleeve for getting your creative juices flowing, you’ll be supported to consider the purpose and potential impact of your writing project. You’ll also create a brief timeline and plan for finishing your writing project, if desired, and start to ponder the next steps for when it’s finished. And, of course, three hours for you just to write – since you’re in a peaceful place with some time on your hands!! A network of loose ongoing support is also available after the retreat, if desired.

  • 10am – 4:30pm on Saturday 15th Feb 2020.
  • Lunch is provided – and an unlimited supply of hot drinks & biscuits!

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